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I came to Doctor Madalian after seeing his presentation at Wayne Valley High School. The things that he talked about made sense and sounded helpful. After being adjusted by Dr. Madalian I felt more comfortable with moving using my legs that are partially disabled due to an accident. Dr. Madalian’s office makes patients feel comfortable. He listens to complaints about aches and pains and uses logical techniques to achieve relief. I would recommend Dr. Madalian’s services to other teachers or people on their feet all day. Dr. Madalian’s chiropractic techniques combined with physical therapy has helped solve my shoulder problems. Along with the Physical Therapy, Dr. Madalian’s innovated technology, the Cold Laser, helped my shoulder condition.

Tom R.

Best chiropractor in town!

Adriana P.

People frequently say that something or someone changed their life, but very often, it’s an exaggeration. I have countless times before but am extremely pleased to say that Madalian Chiropractic & Physical Therapy literally changed my life. In 2002, I was involved in a rear-end collision that destroyed my car. A close friend of mine, who was completing medical school at the time, arrived at the scene of the accident shortly after it occurred. He told me that one day this accident will have an affect on my neck, back, or both of them. Unfortunately, he was right and a few years ago, I developed a chronic dull pain in my neck and back. It began to takeaway from the enjoyment of life including the things I liked most, because it was relentless. Even as an optimist, I accepted that I would be in constant pain indefinitely, which would likely become worse. I have never been so happy to say I was wrong. Regular chiropractic appointments with Dr. Madalian, coupled with acupuncturist Terri Brown’s techniques including sliding cupping, has eliminated my pain. I cannot recommend the services of Madalian Chiropractic & Physical Therapy highly enough. They have improved my quality of life exponentially, and I would like nothing more than to see them do the same for others.

Scott K.

Not only did my pain lessen with each adjustment, but so did my skepticism! Dr. Madalian has "raised the bar" of chiropractic care, and his contemporaries should strive to meet his delivery of care ! He is a true asset to his "craft", which he practices with skill, knowledge, and true compassion.

Kerri A.

I had excellent experience in Dr. Madalian's office. Everyone is very helpful friendly and professional. I came to the office when i was in pain and have experienced immediate relief after first visit.

Zdenka M.

The staff is awesome! I always feel much better after my appointment.

Bethanne T.

My experience with your whole office has always been a great one. Everyone has been fantastic since the first day I walked in and was in a lot of pain. I'm doing much better now, but I must learn to come in for maintenance. Thank you.

Michael W.

Dr. Madalian continues to maintain the highest quality of chiropractic care for his patients. His concern about each individual patient is comparable to few. Further, his new acupuncturist, Terri, is a welcomed and perfect addition to this practice.

Mike S.

I had suffered a compound fracture of my left fibula, which needless to say was sore and achey after surgery. After the initial treatment from the cold laser therapy unit, I walked out of the physical therapy office as though I had no injury at all. The results of the laser therapy lasted a few hours. Knowing there would be no adverse side-effects, I was very eager to do it again! The laser therapy worked for me, and I would recommend it for anyone looking for a painless and drug free treatment for aches and pains.

John L.

I have been a long-time back pain sufferer, especially in my lower back. I went to several chiropractors over the years, but no one had Dr. Madalian’s “Magic Hands”. Along with his excellent and professional staff, the individual attention I receive is without compare. As a Wayne Valley teacher, I am happy to have Dr. Madalian be a part of our community. Thanks to the work of Dr. Madalian and his staff, I am now able to enjoy life without the bother of back pain.

George M.

I was referred to Dr. Madalian by my son after mentioning that I was having pain in my right calf. Being a commuter to NYC, I walk quite a bit each day and it was getting pretty difficult by the day. Dr. Madalian and his staff were very helpful and introduced me to A.R.T. Having never been to a Chiropractor I did not know what to expect, but, after the therapy started my apprehension disappeared. I found almost immediate relief in my calf and after a few weeks was walking more normally. As I have learned Active Release Technique (ART) has given me back the ability to live without pain and I have even started some light jogging. Being active is important for me, and Dr. Madalian and A.R.T. therapy have allowed me to get up and be active again. I was utmost convinced that I was stuck in the situation I was in but found that I did not have to suffer. I would recommend Dr. Madalian and his therapy techniques to anyone who has muscle/tissue pain.

Dan H.

At a couple days old, my son Shane became constipated and very gassy. He would cry and scream for hours at a time, day and night. We tried everything the doctors suggested, but his condition remained the same. I had heard that chiropractic could help with colicky babies, but I was reluctant since he was so young! At 2 ½ months I called Dr. Madalian and decided to bring him in. He relieved shane of the pain with the constipation and gas. The screaming has stopped and he is able to sleep now. I would not hesitate again to bring in a young baby.

Joanne V.

Before coming to Dr. Madalian,I always felt like my head weighed 100lbs. I had constant migraines, and I was always asking my family members from a massage. Since coming, the weight of my head is no longer as issue. I feel normal, and my shoulders have less stress in them. I am not congested anymore, I have more energy and I am standing taller.

Bethanne P.

When I first came to see Dr. Madalian, I suffered from terrible sinus headaches. Sometimes they would last for a week or more. I also suffered from dizziness and drowsiness from allergy medication. As soon as I started treating with Dr. Madalian, I could feel the headaches subsiding and I was able to stop taking the allergy medication.

Terrin D.

On my first visit to Dr. Madalian, I couldn’t even stand up straight. After a few more visits, I felt substantial relief from the pain. I admit- at first I was skeptical about chiropractic, but Dr. Madalian has made me a believer! I haven’t felt this good or been this pain free in years!

Mike G.

Before going to Dr. Madalian, I had shoulder and low back pain, and bad allergies that required shots 2x every month. Since going to Dr. Madalian, I have had no sign of allergies, and my neck and back feel great. I can now pick-up and play with my 5 year old son with no pain! I actually feel stronger in everything I do!

Kim K.

Over the years, Dr. Madalian has helped me with chronic tendonitis, lower back pain, and cramps due to menopause. The most important part is my relief came from chiropractic care and not drugs!

Ann S.

The scoliosis in my spine made it difficult to sleep, caused numbness in my arms, and even made some of my clothes fit awkwardly. Over the past two years Iv visited Dr. Madalian’s office, where he explained to me how my condition affected me on a day to day basis and executed a plan to correct it. He taught me exercises that allow me to wake up pain free after a long run or a session on the basketball court.
Patrick S.

I suffered from headaches every day from the moment I woke up. I tried all different types of medication by they always came back. Since I began treatments with Dr. Madalian, my headaches have been dramatically reduced. I can now wake up in the morning headache free!

Mary K.

For Years I was walking around with a skin condition. I have been to see several dermatologists, allergists seeking relief. Since I’ve been under Dr. Madalian’s care, my skin has never looked or felt better, WITHOUT the help of any drugs or allergy shots.

Sue M.

We had been doing Chiropractic’s before but, I did not feel satisfied. Actually, my wife, Judy, started before I did and now both are in Dr. Madalian’s program. After being adjusted by Dr. Madalian I felt very satisfied and much more comfortable. Dr. Madalian’s personal approach, thorough examinations, warm atmosphere, welcome reception, knowledge, explanation of the process, and treatment really relaxes me; I know I am in good hands when I walk into the office. I would recommend Dr. Madalian to anyone who needed advice for an ailment or treatment, sports injuries, etc… Dr. Madalian’s adjustments combined with Physical Therapy helped me regain a greater range of motion and helped me strengthen the affected area. The innovated technology that Dr. Madalian uses, the Cold Laser, Helps move healing along. It also brings new research, preparation for better healing, and, most of all, results.

Lewis B.

I came to Dr. Madalian after he was recommended to me by a former student of mine. After being adjusted by him the chronic lower back pain I was experiencing was relieved. I was very impressed with the initial screening, and from there then plan and goal of the therapy. I would recommend Dr. Madalian’s services to anyone that I hear complaining of spinal issues. The adjustments combined with Physical therapy help my lower back pain through a quick outlook plan aimed at pain reduction and long acting relief. Dr. Madalian’s Cold Laser also proved to have a positive healing effect on me.

Rob B.


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